Energized, Motivated and Healthy through Imagery
This workshop will introduce the principles that underlie the effective application of imagery. The participants will learn imagery exercises that will create flow of movement, improved coordination and balance,as well as effortless alignment and flexibility.Imagery is a key skill in sports, fitness and dance without which high
levels of excellence are hardly attainable. However, imagery can also be applied to daily life and to lead a healthier life. If your workdays are long, imagery can make them more effortless and help you regenerate
faster. Imagery can speed up recovery from illness and help you to prevent it from occurring in the first place. Imagery is a universal key to improve all aspects of our lives.
• Create effortless movement, alignment and balance
• Discover your natural flexibility, increase your power to move in
• Learn about motivational Imagery, goal setting and imagery to improve
your confidence.
• Increase range of movement and release tension on the Franklin